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About Us


Welcome to chillma. We are a private villa for adults looking to have a great time relaxing, get a great view of the sea, enjoy the summer sky and beauties of nature, and more.

The secret, private resort

chillma is approximately 1,650 square meters in size.

Outside, you can spend some time down at the private beach. It's always quiet down by the shore and you can go snorkeling. Best of all, nobody will get in your way.

Every room also has the infinity pool, which gives the illusion of being one with the sea. Nothing takes away from the scenery as it's all spectacular. All the rooms were designed with total privacy in mind.

Only by experiencing this relaxation first hand will you truly understand it.

Everywhere feels like paradise all the time

You'll feel separated from the outside world when coming here. Down at the private beach, you can hear the soft sounds of the sea. Evening time is especially romantic as the sun sets.

Just picture a luxurious time of total relaxation and escaping from the busy hardships that are everyday life.

The name "chillma" simply comes from the phrase "chill out". We chose the name as it not only sounded great, but it is true of our location. One can simply chill out and relax here.
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