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Mar 6th, 2017

Starting reservations for the most popular season

We're now taking reservations for July, the most popular season of the year. We fill up every year, so please be sure to get your reservations in. You'll be able to enjoy the Okinawa scenery, a fine time in our pool, and more.

Hope to see you here.

Feb 25th, 2017

Thai Suki Dinner Set

We have a popular kind of dinner set available that consists of Nakijin pig as well as vegetables grown locally. If you reserve at least 3 days in advance, you can take this option and we'll have some ready for you when you get here.

Hope to see you here.

Feb 18th, 2017

Single day reservations for March

We're now taking single day reservations for March. It's plenty warm down here and a popular time to visit. We also get lots of inquiries at this time.

If you're looking to spend some quality time in Okinawa, we'd love to have you.

Feb 4th, 2017

Taking reservations

We're now taking reservations for June. It's the season when we starting using the pool and beach again and is one of the most popular times to come here. Currently, we're taking multi-day reservations so please get your reservations in quickly.

Jan 28th, 2017

New Plan

We have a new plan here at chillma called the "Hibernation Plan". Just imagine being in your room with a view of the sea, enjoying bathtime and time to yourself.

Jan 21st, 2017


Yesterday, I went to Churaumi Aquarium. The whale sharks were definitely a sight to see. It only takes 30 minutes to drive there from chillma. If you are in Okinawa, definitely check it out.

Jan 14th, 2017

Thai Massage

We are now offering a Thai massage service here at chillma. This is one of the most popular kinds of massages in the world so definitely give it a try. We only have one staff member who does the massages, so certain times and days may be unavailable.

If interested, please ask during check in time.

Jan 7th, 2017

Happy New Year

Happy new year from chillma.

Looking to get out of the cold for a while? Why not consider taking a trip to the warm Okinawa?
We have rooms available for January and February and are also taking single night reservations.

Hope to see you here.

Dec 31st, 2016

See you next year

We were completely booked at the end of the year and are extremely thankful to all our customers.

The year is now over and we're looking forward to a brand new year. Hope to see you here in 2017.

Dec 24th, 2016

It's almost 2017

The year will be over in a week and there are still a few spots left if you want to get in before the year ends.

We're also now taking reservations for next year up until April. It's a very popular time, especially after March, so please get your reservations in as soon as you can.

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