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※Rooms are limited to up to two adults and one child (elementary age or younger) doing sleep share.

※There may be instances when the requested type of bed is unavailable. We as for your understanding on this matter.

※For customers wishing to do multiple reservations, the first reservation must finish before being able to make any additional reservations.
(e.g. Person A wants to reserve in June and again in July. The June reservation must first pass before being able to reserve for July)

※We will not accept reservations for customers wishing to use the same room under different check-in and check-out dates for the persons in that room.
(e.g. A reservation with person A and B wanting to use the same room, but person A wants to check out at an earlier date whereas person B wants to stay a longer time would not be accepted)

※After making a reservation, we will need to perform a check on some matters before being able to finalize a reservation. There may be instances where we will have to deny or refuse a reservation.

Use the following button to check or cancel an existing reservation

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If there are any unclear points about reservations, please contact us with this form or call the phone number below.
Tel: 050-5810-3978

※The information above is subject to change anytime

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